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ESCOT Hires Executive Director

ESCOT Youth Development hired a new Executive Director in 2023, Brett Heflin.

Heflin brings 25 years of career experience and service with public, nonprofit, and academic organizations in several industries with experience at all levels of operations and management supporting all phases of growth. As a seasoned nonprofit executive and board member, Brett brings extensive experience with governance, organizational management, board development, community development and relations, nonprofit compliance, and strategic planning.

Prior to Brett’s time as a community entrepreneur and nonprofit executive, he held the roles and responsibilities of classroom teacher, Board Member, Assistant Principal, Principal, Superintendent, Executive Director, Board President, Consultant, Pastor, Volunteer, and Donor. From the classroom to the board room and into executive leadership, Brett brings extensive independent experience as a trainer, coach, writer, researcher, director, and manager to support staff at all levels of growth.

Brett holds a B.S. in Education and Social Science from Miami University, a master’s in public administration with a specialization in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and extensive university course work in Academic Leadership and Public Relations. Brett is also a Michigan Certified Educator and resides in metro Detroit with his wife and four children.

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