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What is ESCOT?

ESCOT is a nonprofit youth development and boxing program powered by community donations and KRONK Boxing Gym.  ESCOT is 100% free to all participants. 

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ESCOT helps kids become champions in life, and gives our supporters a chance at becoming champions too.


Provide kids a place where they can excel in Athletics, Academics, Leadership and Community, so they can stay on the right path, become anything they want and give back as productive members of society.

Founded on the Philosophies of the Legendary Emanuel Steward

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KRONK's legendary Hall of Fame trainer Emanuel Steward may have had over 41 world champions to his credit, and that's more than any other trainer in the history of boxing. But he also had a legacy of helping young people be champions in life. Today, his mission lives on bigger and better than ever through ESCOT, Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow. Help us keep the legacy going.

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ESCOT is 100% Free to Kids!

ESCOT (Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow) programs are fully sponsored by people like you who want to give kids a shot at being champions in life. Kids who come to the gym can participate in our athletic or boxing programs. All kids, even those who are on the KRONK amateur boxing team, participate in youth development. Our daily work is to help every kid graduate high school, teach them the ways of a champion, and launch into early adulthood.


Donation dollars help us :

  • Pay our staff including athletic trainers, mentors, tutors, teachers, and counselors

  • Fund our daily gym operations and youth development, including community service events, academic and leadership programs, transportation, and more.

  • Provide an open kitchen with healthy food and nutrition to kids who often are under nourished.

  • Deliver academic and career counseling, apply for student grants and award scholarships to kids pursuing more education after high school. 

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