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The Four Corners of Achievement were designed and implemented as the foundation of our program and to guide us as we move forward. These Four Corners represent the construct of our program and include Athletics, Academics, Community and Leadership. All four are equally important and we believe necessary to build successful young adults to achieve their dreams!  


Through Amateur Boxing, we believe that many life-lessons can be gleaned from participating in the rigors of training including self-discipline, work ethic, perseverance, and overall better physical health which all lead to more confidence in yourself.  


Whether you just want to train and learn boxing basics or, you want to compete at the highest levels of amateur sports, you will learn about yourself and be able to apply intangible skills in all aspects of your life. 


We believe in the words of Malcom X who said that “education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. Through our formal tutoring program, academic excellence and experiential learning, our hope is to better prepare you academically for where you’re at today and where you hope to be tomorrow. We have seen many students from this area who have endured challenging life circumstances achieve the highest levels of learning including earning scholarships to Ivy League schools. Should that be your goal, we are here to help you achieve that goal.  


Even if college is not for you, we still want to prepare you for a successful life whether that be through the skilled trades, military, or entrepreneurship.  


We are called to serve one another humbly; by serving others, we will find true gratification. We believe that we should all serve one another regardless of our own life situations. We achieve this by helping our neighbors in need by volunteering at the local soup kitchen, cleaning our neighborhood that we share with others, and providing any other services that might help our fellow brothers and sisters. 


Mahatma Gandhi said “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. Through our community involvement, you will find and enjoy the true meaning of life!  


Before you can become a true leader, it is all about growing yourself. Through self-reflection, the willingness to care and serve others and learning the traits of true leadership, you will become a bright light in a dark world through your ability to engage with and influence others. 


True Leadership is obtained through conscientious learning, practical applications and learning from other Leaders. We offer this environment at ESCOT through both a formalized approach and everyday living in positive and supportive surroundings.  

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