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When you give to or partner with ESCOT you give to kids. You give them a chance at leading a championship life, and achieving their dreams. These kids are smart, motivated and inspired. At ESCOT they get the leadership, belief, and support they need. They see their life can be whatever they want it to be. It just takes hard work, courage, dedication and consistency to get there. It takes the mindset and practices of a champion. 




Help us build champions in life.

Your donation supports our Four Corners of Achievement: Athletics, Academics, Community, and Leadership. With your gift, we can give kids equal access to resources so they can decide what their future looks like!


Thank you for supporting Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow.

Thank You for Supporting ESCOT

Your dollars help more kids become champions by...

Keeping our doors open – The day-to-day expenses like staff, coaches, mentors and the supplies they need are real. It costs about $300,000 a year to operate the gym and its programs. We make sure kids have what they need to achieve and no matter what it is, we're there. It's true, some kids come to the gym without shoes. We buy them. Without their clothes washed. We wash them. Without any food. We feed them.

Competing more often – For the kids who box on the team, the more competitions they can experience, the greater the learning. They have earned the right to travel to other cities and see the world and all its opportunity. It's all about inspiring them to the possibilities. Our kids always come back with bigger aspirations than before. And thanks to the lessons learned through boxing, they know it takes hard work, courage, dedication and consistency to get there. Your gifts help us pay for these life-changing experiences.

Connecting with counselors – Sometimes the issues are bigger than we can handle. In those cases, we work with social workers and other professional counselors which require funding. This safety net is critical to helping our kids launch into their adult lives.  

Providing advanced education – Many of our kids now have the grades to continue their education and launch into careers. They didn’t before. Now the issue is tuition. We’re work with our kids to guide them and help with applications and admissions. All. need financial assistance and that's where your gift can help.

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