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Our Purpose

Too many kids in Detroit and in cities across America have brilliant minds, ambitious dreams and abundant energy. What are they lacking? Strong role models, structure and guidance. Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow (ESCOT) is the program and the place that helps kids take a shot at their dreams. It's a place where caring for kids and believing in them happens every day. 

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Every Youth Deserves
a First Chance

And it takes successful people from the community—like the late Emanuel Steward once did himself—to inspire, guide, support and encourage the next generation of champions.

Furthering the Legacy of Emanuel Steward

Many of Emanuel Steward’s champions you’ve never heard of. They were kids, nurtured by a man who gave and gave so they could achieve in life, not just in the ring. ESCOT continues the legacy. 

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ESCOT is a place where our Four Corners of Achievement [Athletics, Academics, Community, and Leadership] help lead the way for kids to become anything they want to be, and give back to their communities.
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When Kids Thrive So Do Our Communities!

ESCOT keeps kids engaged in the community through service projects so they learn they're never too young to make a difference, and that helping others is great!

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