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Exploring Game Design @ ESCOT

Summer camps offer a unique opportunity for children to explore new interests, cultivate their creativity, and make lasting memories. This year, the ESCOT provided a unique experience for young participants by immersing them in the world of board games (no devices) and empowering them to create their very own. ESCOT, a nonprofit boxing and youth development program, hosted this enriching event, which not only offered a fun-filled week but also aimed to foster critical thinking, teamwork, and imagination among the youth.

Board Games Galore

Throughout the ESCOT Summer Camp Week, children had the chance to immerse themselves in the captivating world of board games. From classics to strategic favorites , the week provided an extensive collection of board games to cater to diverse interests. This allowed the campers to discover and engage with games they had never played before, expanding their horizons and enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Creating Their Own Board Games

One of the highlights was the opportunity for children to unleash their creativity and design their very own board games. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, campers learned about the mechanics and elements of game design. They brainstormed ideas, sketched out game boards, and developed rules and objectives for their unique creations. This process not only stimulated their imaginations but also fostered critical thinking, logical reasoning, and strategic planning skills.

The Joy of Collaboration

We emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration. As participants worked together to create their board games, they discovered the value of effective communication, compromise, and cooperation. By actively engaging with their peers and sharing ideas, the campers developed essential social skills that will serve them well beyond the camp experience. Moreover, the bonds formed during these collaborative activities fostered a sense of camaraderie and friendship among the participants.

Free for All Youth

One thing that makes ESCOT truly special is that it is open and free to all youth. As a nonprofit organization, ESCOT is committed to providing accessible opportunities for young individuals to explore their potential and develop valuable life skills. By removing financial barriers, the camp ensures that every child, regardless of their economic background, can participate and benefit from this enriching experience. Our commitment to inclusivity is valued by offering free access to all youth highlights ESCOT's dedication to empowering and nurturing the potential of youth in the community.


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