When you give to or partner with ESCOT you give to kids. You give them a shot at leading a championship life, and achieving their dreams. And so many lives are at stake. These kids are smart, motivated and inspired. They just have had the odds stacked against them… Until now. Say “Yes,” and be in their corner. Let's create champions together!

Your dollars will help us to support more kids in need by:


Expanding our space – We need it and we have it. It just needs to be transformed into usable space with the right equipment. Expanding our space means we can expand our offerings and help more kids.

Hiring paid staff – We have the best, they’re on 24/7 and they deserve to be compensated. It’s the right thing to do. Plus, we need other professionals to oversee operations and development.

Operating and caring – The day-to-day expenses like licenses, equipment, kids’ meals, school supplies, etc. are always there. But here are the realities: Some kids come here without shoes. We buy them. Without their clothes washed. We wash them. Without any food. We feed them.

Competing more often – The lessons kids learn through tournaments are invaluable. We need transportation to get them there.

Connecting with Social Services – Sometimes the issues are bigger than we can handle. We need a social worker connection and the funding for it when needed.

Running the computer lab – As technology progresses so must we. We need to have multiple sources of funding so we are not without.

Providing college scholarships – Many of our kids now have the grades to go to college. They didn’t before. Now the issue is tuition. We’re working with universities to secure scholarships and some corporate support would help.