Why We Exist

Too many kids in Detroit and in cities across America have brilliant minds, ambitious dreams and abundant energy. What are they lacking? Strong role models, structure and guidance. Emanuel Steward Champions of Tomorrow (ESCOT) is the program and the place that helps kids take a shot at their dreams. It's a place where caring for kids and believing in them happens every day. 

Every Kid Deserves a Shot In Life

And it takes successful people from the community—like Emanuel Steward himself—to inspire, guide, support and encourage the next generation of champions.

Furthering the Legacy of Emanuel Steward

“Many of Emanuel Steward’s champions you’ve never heard of. They were kids, nurtured by a man who gave and gave so they could achieve in life, not just in the ring.”    

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ESCOT is the Place...

Where kids can excel in Athletics, Academics, Leadership and Community, so they can stay on the right path, become anything they want to be, and give back as contributing members of society.

ESCOT Has Never Been More Important

In the Detroit Metro Area, 2 in 5 kids are victims of violent crime.
And the average age is just 13 years old.*

ESCOT keeps kids engaged in the community through service projects and doing good for others. Through these projects kids learn they're never too young to make a difference, that giving feels good and is a lot of fun.

* The Detroit Free Press

This is a battle, and we don’t give up on anyone. It takes more than just having a gym to change kids’ lives. The guidance is continual. Some kids leave the program and go back to the streets. Some come back. Those who have stuck with the program, have a brighter future than those who don’t. This kind of effort takes support.

The Reality: Success / Failure

ESCOT is a Solution

ESCOT breaks the cycle of poverty, school dropout, gang affiliation, and incarceration rampant among central city youth, giving kids a chance to be champions in the ring and in life.


Together, We Can Create Champions in Life