Weekly Schedule



Get strong, get lean, get tough, meet new friends and have fun.

Programming Console

KOde IT Classes

Learn a $$$ skill and become a coder. It's worth the time!!!


Saturday Community Day

Join us as we take on a community service project. It's a fun way to go out and make a difference. You have no idea the impact you can make. Check it out!


Homework & Tutoring

Discipline and hard work drive dreams. Let’s go...


Kick It with Coach Wade

We’re keepin’ it 100 and keeping it on the real. You gotta’ talk to someone, it may as well be Coach.

The Champion's Code

<>  Make good decisions
<>  Own up to mistakes
<>  Practice tolerance
<>  Develop social skills
<>  Obey laws
<>  Abstain from drugs and alcohol
<>  Delay sexual activity
<>  Maintain a healthy body
<>  Be a role model for others
<>  Act with respect
<>  Maintain a vivid dream for your future