Our Children: Searching for Solutions

by the Detroit Free Press

In 2016, the Detroit Free Press spent an entire year listening to children share what it’s like to live in and around the city. They looked at 33,000 criminal cases involving children up to age 17. These findings paint a picture of fear, danger, and uncertainty.

  • Nearly 14 children per day are victims of crime in Detroit.

  • The average age of the victim is 13 and most common crime is assault.

  • Roughly 2 of 5 children, 43%, were victims of violent crimes such as homicide, sexual assault, aggravated assault and robbery.

  • More than half were female.

We Can Change This Reality

If you think back to your own childhood, what would it have been like to live with those feelings day in and day out? It’s hard to imagine. And impossible to think how these kids can function. Forget having a shot at a normal life. Something must be done. Actually, many things must be done. That's why Norwayne Boxing  Gym is here. Norway Boxing Gym is the solution.